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Our services

The Geographic Consulting Group CC (GeoCG CC) provides a large variety of services to individuals, organisations and companies including Project Management, Environmental Advisory Service, Geoinformation Service, Monitoring and Observation, Digital and Web-Services and and Education and Training. We employ all available state-of-the-art software, methods and data to provide solutions which are designed to provide clients with evidence - based scientific advice and services in support of environmental sustainability at competitive costs.


Project Management and Coordination

- Project Management
- Resource Mobilization Support
- Proposal Conceptualization and Writing
- Project Financing
- Project Monitoring and Evaluation
- Scientific and Technical Reporting

Environmental Advisory Service

- Support in Environmental Impact Assessment
- Support Climate Impact Assessment
- Support Water Resources Management and Planning
- Reviewing environmental strategies and policies
- Monitoring the implementation of environmental strategies and policies
- Assessment of Supply Chains
- Local level participatory planning (LLPP)

Geoinformation Service

- Geo-Data Services and Solutions
- GIS and EO Analysis
- Spatial Analysis and Modelling
- Climate and environmental data analysis and visualization
- Environmental Data Acquisition and Management
- Statistics, Geostatistics

Monitoring and Observation

- Weather Observation Technologies
- Soil Surveys
- Land use mapping
- Social, socio-economic, demographic and environmental surveys
- Compliance surveys

Digital and Web-Services

- Webdesign
- Data base development
- Portal Development
- Dashboard Development

Education and Training

- Capacity Building in Proposal Development
- Academic and Non-Academics Training in Environmental Sciences and Methods
- Support in Module Development
- Support in Curricula Development
- Tailored courses for Academics and Non-Academics


Innovative solutions for environmental sustainability


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