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The GeoCG Story

The Geographic Consulting Group Investments CC (GeoCG CC) provides international competence for geographic services: mapping, analysis, modeling, presentation and education. GeoCG CC in a co-operation between doctoral students, experts and specialists from renowned universities, organisations and companies in the fields of geography, geoinformatics, ecology, social sciences, urban and regional planning, and environmental management.


The network frames and bundles their worldwide experiences in scientific research, digital techniques, and university-level education with particular expertise on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, spatial analysis and modeling, and web-based presentation, urban and regional planning, environmental monitoring, environmental assessments, communications, and education. For a full list pelase visit our Services section

Current technology allows us to be present and provide our expertise at nearly every place on earth. The work of the GeoCG CC is mainly focused on Namibia, South Africa and SADC countries with service locations in Windhoek, Namibia, and Belville, Cape Town. If you require help related to GeoCG CC services and would like to profit from our excellent framework of experts please contact us.


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